What is PensionXpress?

PensionXpress is a calculation analysis and report resulting in the valuation of a defined benefit pension plan. PensionXpress is conducted in accordance with the five step method adopted by the North Carolina Court of Appeals in Bishop v. Bishop, 113 N.C. App. 725; 440 S.E. 2nd 591 (1994).

PensionXpress is conducted using Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s Select and Ultimate Interest Rates for valuing annuity benefits in single-employer plans and multi-employer plans at the valuation date.

PensionXpress is conducted in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes Mortality Tables to determine the pension holder’s life expectancy as of the date of separation. N.C. Gen. Stat. 8-46 (2013).

How PensionXpress works for you and your clients.

Generally, in the equitable distribution of marital property, a spouse’s pension plan can be a significant marital asset.  The North Carolina General Statutes require the court and lawyers to include the lump-sum value of pension plans in determining the value of the marital estate. N.C. Gen Stat. 50-20 (2013).

The lump-sum value of the pension may allow the case to settle without drafting a tedious QDRO.

The lump-sum settlement allows the pension holding spouse to keep the pension intact for retirement and allows the non-pension holding spouse to receive settlement benefits without waiting until the distant future.

PensionXpress Made Simple

Step 1: We will send you a questionnaire of required information.

Step 2: You will upload to our secure site or email the required information, and mail the fee to our office.

Step 3: We will request any additional information we may need.

Step 4: We will send you a draft report to review.

Step 5: We will issue to you the final ValueXpress business valuation report.

PensionXpress is amazingly fast and affordable.

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